..national hamburger day..

12:15 PM

i kind of love random holidays. 
i'll take any reason to celebrate 
[especially if food is involved]
and so this summer i'm going to take advantage of as many "random" holidays as possible!

yesterday [may 28] was National Hamburger Day.
when i was in canada it was pretty tough to find a good burger.
i missed me some In N Out, so yesterday it was only appropriate that i go there.

my cousin, Shea, and I hit up the local In N Out for some burgers- animal style.
and of course i had to get a milkshake because they have the smoothest, yummiest chocolate milkshake around.

i love my cousin Shea. i was lucky enough to go to 2 years of elementary school with her. even though she's a year younger than me, people think she's older [probs because she is more mature]. she's got a heart of pure gold- always thinking of others and being an example of Christlike service. i always liked hanging out with her when i was little because she wasn't too serious and always made it up. Shea is always up for an adventure, but she is also a home body and loves her family so much. she is an example to me and has helped me so much in my life. we were separated by missions for two and a half years and boy was that rough! i don't see her as often as i'd like but when i do, i am filled with gratitude for her!

national hamburger was a wild success. i think the thing i love the most about holidays is that i get to spend time with people. and celebrate the relationships i have with them. because that's really what life is all about.

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