..the start..

11:12 AM

well hey there! and welcome to halfway there.
 my name is Rebekah Arnesen, but if that's too long for you, i go by Beka or Bex. after seven years of blogging over at just american honey, i've made this new blog- for a new phase of life. i started blogging when i was 18, and now i'm... well, you can do the math. i think they call it the "mid-twenties." here's a little about me.

i'm a byu graduate in exercise sciences. i returned home from a mission for the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints (some people call us mormons) to british columbia (northwest canada) in december. my life is not how i imagined it would be when i first started blogging 7 years ago. it has taken countless unexpected twists and turns. and although some of them have been painful, i am grateful for the path i have taken. 
at this moment in life, i feel halfway to anywhere. i'm not completely into a career. i'm not married. i'm halfway into the adult life. yet, i believe that when you're halfway, you can still enjoy and live life to the fullest. and so that is my motto. i live to be happy, to find joy and to follow my dreams- whatever they might be. i hope that you join me on this journey. who knows where the road will go?

please excuse my "dust" as i try to figure out technology :)

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