. . .i blog because punching people is frowned on. . .

2:24 PM

you might be wondering why i blog. what drives me to put thoughts on the internet. 

here's my story... for what it's worth:

i started blogging in fall 2008 right after i started attending Brigham Young University. i basically started blogging to record my life and my thoughts as a university student. and i started blogging about things that i was passionate about. i blog about health, but not how to live on a paleo diet or how to get washboard abs, but real health- medicine, nutrition, and mental health. but more than that, my blogging so far as served as an outlet, a place that i can be vulnerable and tell things how they really are. to let the world know that life happens- for better or for worse. but it happens and the tough have to get going.
fast forward seven year [i'm feeling old]. after i graduated from BYU i wanted to start a new blog- kind of a post university blog [because obviously after graduation i would suddenly have a terribly exciting and fun life]. but then i went on my mission. blog creation postponed.  

i figured i'd start a new blog when i got home and got married [because, foolishly, i equated the two]. i got home in december of last year and for the next months my life went topsy turvy. life didn't go as planned, and suddenly i was left wondering what to do next. and so i created this new blog. 

because everyone needs a new start.

halfway there is a blog mostly for me.  a safe place for me to write and express myself. it will partly serve as a "diary"- a place to share my life. my story is still being developed and i honestly don't know what the next year holds. mostly, i hope that my experiences will help someone- even if to just let you know that you aren't alone. and partly, i hope to blog about things i feel deeply about- my religion, body image and health, and probably food [because i love me some food]. i am on a journey to rediscover myself and to recreate my hobbies and habits.
so, i'm halfway there, and actually living on a prayer, but this isn't a sad story. it's a story of real life. real triumphs and really sorrow. real adventure. and probably real boredom [we have netflix for that.]
i hope you join me and add your thoughts. 

moment of truth:  i'm totes scared to become vulnerable to share some things that i feel like i need to share. so please be patient with me as i try to find myself and share my story with her.

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