. .the pursuit of happyness pt. 1. .

11:27 PM

lately i've been thinking a lot about happiness. and how we find it. i wrote a blog post last week about happiness, but after giving it some thought i realized that i couldn't be completely true to myself unless i shared with you how i know we find true happiness.

it's actually the source of all happiness.

[so get ready for a completely religious post.]

the source of happiness is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
knowing that we have a God who isn't just some big guy in the clouds who occasionally butts into our lives, but who knows each of us perfectly and loves us perfectly.
and because he loves me and he loves you, he sent his perfect Son into the world so that we can be happy now, so that life doesn't just end with death, and so that we can also have a chance at becoming perfect.
that perfect Son, Christ, gave us the Gospel- basic principles that include faith, repentance, baptism, covenants, receiving a gift called the Holy Ghost (or the constant companionship of God's Spirit), and living faithfully throughout our lives. and that Gospel is what brings happiness.

how can something that seems restricting (commandments, rules, standards) make us happy? how can being "unpopular" in the world make you happy?

it's kind of a paradox.
and it's a bit difficult to explain.
you see, you have to experience it.

you have to experience the power that flows into your life when you are obedient to commandments. you have to feel the joy that fills your heart when you make a covenant with God. you have to lose yourself, to sacrifice what you want, in order to feel the happiness that comes when you become who you are truly meant to be.

i know, it doesn't really make logical sense that these things would make you happy. but i speak from experience- they do!

and it's all because God loves us and so does Jesus.

so before you turn to anything else that might promise "instant" happiness, turn to your Father. because no matter what else you do to make yourself happy, unless you have Him in your life, you won't be fully happy.

and really, what would be the point in that?

to learn more about how God is our Father and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, click here.

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