cupcakes and divine intervention

10:16 PM

sometimes divine intervention comes in the form of cupcakes.

if you give a girl a cupcake,
on mother's day,
even though she's 25 and unmarried-
definitely not a mom-
it will get her thinking.

cupcakes aren't just delicious morsels of cake and frosting.
they are more.
they represent happiness and summer.
they are an entire cake that you can hold in your little hands.

life is like a really delicious cupcake:
it's probably going to be hard to eat,
in might be messy-
you might get some frosting on your face and fingers,
but every bite is worth it,
and ends with a smile.

so she'll carefully take that cupcake home.
and enjoy every bite at the end of a
long hard day.
and then she'll think about the
magic of the cupcake.

the magic of the cupcake
will lead her to people who are in need
of a little magic in their lives.
and so she'll go buy some cupcakes,
and spread the magic.

go share a cupcake with someone.
and feel the magic in you too.

ps. why yes, i do have a strange obsession with cupcakes now. #sorryimnotsorry

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