..why you need a recoup tv show..

11:03 PM

mine is Gilmore Girls.

i just finished the series today. 
[hey thanks netflix.]

see when you go through a hard time in your life, whether it be a break up, an illness, finals, or whatever, it's good to have a tv show to fall back on. something you are familiar with, that doesn't bring up any negative emotions or memories.

that's my Gilmore Girls.

you see i just relate to Lorelai and Rory.
[except that i don't have a horrible relationship with my fantastically rich parents.]
i wish i could live in Stars Hollow.
i love the dean-jess-logan debate.
i love luke and lorelai together, but i still get tragically sad that chris and lorelai don't work out.
i love watching them eat copious amounts of junk food- and not get sick.
i love lorelai's jeep.

i want to jump off a terribly tall platform with logan.
i want to backpack across europe with loreloai and rory.
i want to be paris's best friend- because even though she's crazy, she'd help me get places in life.
i want sookie to cook for me.

i just love Gilmore Girls.
i even have a pinterest board for them.
and it makes me sad that i've finished the series [only took 5 months].
but it helped me through the hardest part of my life.

thanks rory, lorelai, emily and richard, luke, jess, logan [i wanna kiss you], luke, and michele.

oh. and apparently i look like rory  except blonde and green eyes obvi :)

what do you think????

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