. .hellos. .

12:21 PM

they say that when you are brave enough to say a good-bye, life will grant you a new hello. whatever that good bye might be- leaving a job, moving, coming home from a mission, whatever- there are hellos on the horizon.

one of those hellos that i'm forever grateful for is my new friend, hannah. we met at work. technically she's kind of my boss. she's got the cutest style and is a lover of her family. seriously, she's the cutest! hannah kind of took me under her wing and helped me out when times were tough. that was just a few months ago.

i am really so grateful for her!

but speaking of hellos, i realized that maybe you all want to get to know me, since this blog is fairly new. in a getting to know you blog post, what would you like to know? what questions would you like me to answer? comment below and leave a question- or two!

happy sunday!

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  1. You and Hannah are too freakin' adorable! Hope you both are doing well!