. . reasons my dad is rad. .

7:56 PM

  • he wakes up every morning [and has for the last 10 years] to make breakfast so my mom can exercise
  • he massages my mom's feet every night [i don't even like feet but think this is cute of him]
  • he was in scouts for years and years and even hiked Timp just a few years ago [he isn't a young creature either]
  • when i was a baby my dad was getting his PhD at BYU and he had like no time with the family. but every night when he got he would give me a bath just so he could spend time with me.
  • when we were little we'd get "late nights" with mom and dad. most often dad and i would end up in the Barbie aisle at Toys R Us. 
  • my dad used to fence on the roof with his friend John [this was when he was a teenager, not when he was my dad haha]
  • once when my dad was a YSA like me, he went to a church dance dressed as a gorilla- his date dressed as a banana. can anyone say hysterical?
  • my dad loves Joseph Smith- and so all of us kids love him too. 
  • he used to rock a really awesome beard- he really looked like an 80's psychologist. too bad mom made him shave it before they got married
  • when we were little he'd call us on "mini missions." we'd go take our picture in front of the old MTC sign, get little name tags and eat a meal from the country we'd been called to. this might be one of the reasons 6 out of the 7 of us kids have served missions!
  • dad is easy to convince that we need something; "dad, we should stop and get frosty's at Wendy's. we need them!"
  • dad will join in the crazy games we play- even if they make him look foolish
  • even though i know his work can be very depressing and sad, he never brings that home with him. i never really understood how hard his work was until i started working in mental health as well. respect. 
  • once my mom told me how mad my dad got when a guy broke up with me- thanks dad for being protective and for wanting me to be happy.
  • when i would fall asleep in the car on the way home he would carry me inside. i even would purposefully "fall" out of bed when i was "sleeping" so he'd have to come put me back in bed. 
dad, you're pretty rad.

last night my friend at work told me that my dad is amazing and that he is the reason i've got such high expectations for finding a husband. you know what? i think she's right.

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  1. i have thoroughly enjoyed reading thru your blog
    i have to say you are very insightful for one so young (remember i'm more than twice your age) ;-)
    i love your heart
    oh, and the rest of you too
    you are still AWESOME !

  2. hmm? i was not finished...

    even though you left here much too soon
    (that durn mission president) :-p

    miss you
    looking forward to seeing you
    and parents
    in less than 2 weeks
    safe journey...