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[because Montel Williams told me, and 60,000 other people, that i am a patriot.]

guys i love the fourth of july, partially because it's in the summertime, but mostly because i was raised to love america. this year i wanted it to be the best july 4th yet, even though i had to work all weekend. and i think it was! 

the celebrations started off with a trip to the Freedom Festival Balloons. i grew up going every year. when i was little, dad would treat us to doughnuts and orange juice for breakfast, which, for our struggling little family, was a huge deal. even now, every time i have powdered sugar covered doughnuts, it brings back those memories. [ok guys, check out how mad i look in this picture- proof that i wasn't a morning person even when i was 2! also please check out my dad's HUGE camcorder! dying...]

this year i got to take two Balloon Festival newcomers- Michael and Toey. there is just something that is so "summer" about seeing every color of the rainbow take off into the sky by way of huge hot air balloons. but my favorite part was the tribute to Star Wars. not only were there Darth Vader and Yoda balloons, but also actual characters from Star Wars! my friends and i even got arrested by some unruly Storm Troopers! ***geek bucket list item fulfilled***

phase two of celebrate america came early on the morning of july 4th. my family runs together once a year. this is a big deal. we all do the Freedom Run. this year it was dad, mom and ben doing the 5K. hyrum and i did the 10K. we all did well and were pumped about our respective times. i finished in just under hour with a pace of 9:36. considering that i felt like i was going to barf before the race, is pretty decent. 

but the highlight of my independance day was going to the Stadium of Fire. i've only been to this amazing concert/fire works show once [i was in the Stadium of Fire when Carrie Underwood sang]. when i found out Journey was coming this year, i texted my bestie, Jenny, and said we had to go. so we did! it was a blast!! Journey knows how to put on an amazing show. i sang myself hoarse. **commence fangirling** thanks Journey, for teaching me to never stop believing.

but guysss, when we heard the national anthem, and when they sang those good ol' patriot songs, it hit me right in the feels. i didn't know how much i missed America while i was away. i haven't celebrated independence day for the last 2 years. and as much as i love Canada, America is the number 1 in my heart. i love this country because no matter what happens, i still have a voice. because this country was founded on principles of faith, justice, and democracy. i am ever grateful for the men who put their lives, fortunes and sacred honors on the line by signing the Declaration of Independence. and i grateful for the patriots of today- at home and abroad- who fight public and private battles in order to keep freedom free.

yeah, i'd say this 4th of July was pretty epic.

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  1. YES to hanging out. :) I for some reason can't respond to your comment on my blog. BUT, I would love to catch up. :)