reasons halloween is the bestest

9:58 AM

. . . halloween candy. i mean come on people! is it weird that i seriously miss my pillowcase full of candy? and i miss Canadian halloween candy.

. . . dressing up. for one day you can be whoever you want. you can be a witch or a superhero or an old man. you can literally be anything.
. . . dance parties. i am convinced that the funnest dance parties happen at halloween. i don't know why. maybe it's the costumes that make our wild side come out. (the only down side? being short sure makes it hard to breath in those mosh pits!)

. . .  pumpkin everything. i love me some pumpkin spice cookies, frappucinos, cupcakes, bread, you get the idea. i like pumpkin stuff. thank goodness that isn't over when halloween ends.
. . . scary movies. i'm not one for super dark, satanic/demonic movies, but i love me a good thriller. this year i watched "The Others" and "The Fourth Kind" neither of which were very scary. . .
. . . haunted houses. my ward had a terrific halloween party in a barn and the activities committee made the loft into a haunted house. i'm not joking when i say that it was pretty legit. i don't scare easy, but that midget clown at the dead end was pretty creepy. it didn't help that my friends made me go first. thanks. (apparently i'm the bravest haha.)
. . . the haunted half marathon. this year i ran the haunted half marathon for the second time. it seems a little weird to normal people (aka not runners) to start your halloween off with running 13.1 miles, but it is oh so worth it! not only do you get to dress up but running always starts the day off right. 

. . .  halloween is the start of all the fall and winter holidays. it's like the gateway drug to christmas.

after two years of not being able to really celebrate halloween, i'd say this year was a success.
why do you love halloween?

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