. . .trial lake. . .

2:27 PM

this summer i've renewed my love for Utah mountains. guys, i live in such a beautiful place! i really wanted to go camping over labor day weekend, and thanks to my friend abby, we did! because i've been pretty busy with work and nursing school applications, i didn't have time to look for camping spots, but abby was a life saver and reserved us a spot at Trial Lake up in the Uintahs. 

i fell in love with the lake! 
but then again, i'm a sucker for lakes.

and these people. they are pretty great. it was a small group, but it was fun to spend time with old friends, newer friends, and to make new friends! i am sooooo grateful for abby! she has been a rock for me ever since we went to africa and i am so glad she is back from her mission!

go figure that the camping trip was not without it's hiccups. but let's be honest, it's those things we will remember the most. like when we turned on the wrong road and ended up off-roading it for about twenty minutes! or how our tinfoil dinner were a little soaked and under cooked. and then it started raining while we were eating them! or how i almost caught fire. ["she's just a girl and she's on fire. . . "] or how i didn't bring any really warm clothes, and then Laura and i had frozen feet half the night. haha it was definitely one of those adventures! 

it was all worth it though. 
because you go camping to sit by a fire and talk about life. you go camping to admire the milky way and wonder at the beautiful universe we live in. you go camping for those quiet moments in nature, where you can truly reflect on life. you go camping for the morning sun coming to warm you go up. you go camping for the laughter and the bonding that happens. you go camping to get away. 

and in the process you remember how grateful you are for a warm, soft bed; for a toilet that flushes, for not having a roommate who snores; for showers and being clean. and you remember how grateful you are for friends who are with you through thick and thin. you remember that if God could create each star in the sky and even the wind in the trees, and that he hears you when you pray for the sun, that he really must always be looking out for you. 

ps. have you ever tried a f'real? i had my first f'real after our camping trip aaaand i'm addicted- especially since they have a pumpkin cheesecake flavor for fall!!!! 

pps. i dared greatly again! i wrote a blog post and submitted it to my work's blog- and it got published! I am really excited about it because (1) i'm passionate about this subject and (2) i'm officially a published writer! go here to check it out! 

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